This is some documentation about Lace. I'll write more words later, but for now:

Okay, spent tonight working on my shader (added color tint & @LeapMotion xz-movement affects the uv coords of the texture) & tried it out with my projector setup! A thread of experiments:

First test: stress testing hand motions before moving on to actual gesture tests.

— Cwervo (@acwervo) November 7, 2018





Did some testing on my #LeapMotion installation "Lace" with @22ashwath, lots of good ideas like rotation using different hand gestures & drawing being a good use case.

— CwervBOOO! 👻 (@acwervo) October 2, 2018

I love having a projector!!!! Just set the background to black & you can overlay anything digital over the real world!! Why didn't anyone tell me sooner?!!?!!!

(This is a tiny #OpenFrameworks program, just sets background to pure black & draws a red dot wherever the mouse is!)

— CwervBOOO! 👻 (@acwervo) August 23, 2018